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About Planet Aviator

A message from community owner, Herb Benton.

Herb BentonWelcome to planet aviator - an online community for hang gliding and paragliding enthusiast!

Hello! My name is Herb Benton, the website owner and webmaster. I am a hang-two rated pilot that flies out of the United States great Midwest with the Whitewater Hang Gliding Club where I am currently the acting club president. You can follow me on this site by visiting my profile here.

I have built this site as a way for hang gliding and paragliding pilots to share their experiences, stories, pictures, and video’s with each other. The site originally started as a simple blog where I was going to post my adventures with friends. I soon found that blogging about my flying adventures just was not enough! I wanted the ability to share photos, videos, and to interact with other like-minded aviation enthusiasts in a way that is similar to other popular online social communities – this is why I have built Planet Aviator!

I hope you find the website enjoyable, entertaining, and full of information to help you in your flying adventures.

Once again, welcome to PlanetAviator.com! I look forward to meeting you online and perhaps, some day, sharing a thermal with you!

Thank you & God Bless,
Herb Benton



Planet Aviator is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation, incorporated in the State of Wisconsin, USA.

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